Time Oni - An Ao Oni/Hetaoni based rp

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Time Oni - An Ao Oni/Hetaoni based rp

Post by Yoshiki on Tue Feb 17, 2015 7:41 pm


Name: Alex 'Ace' Greyson
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Personality: Easy going, kind, but a bit rash
Bio: Alex grew up in a broken home. He was juggled between his mother and father, both of which would back bite the other. He eventually took up smoking as a means to relieve stress. It was Alex that told his friends about the supposedly cursed mansion.
Appearance: Please ignore the pokemon in the back XD

Other: Alex always carries his trusty lighter. He's actually gotten in trouble a few times when teachers caught him with it.

Name: Wulfric Sinclaire
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 5"
Personality: Cheerful and happy-go-lucky. He will wear a smile in the worse of situations
Bio: Wulfric was an unfortunate guy. His ears were oddly shaped so he was called an elf since he was 4, When it was known he was gay his classmates tormented him, and after years of these abuses Wulfric's parents were killed in a car accident. And yet, through all these hardships, he smiled.

Other: Wulfric lives with and cares for his ailing grandfather, a died-in-the-wool catholic

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