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Baten Kaitos

Post by Yoshiki on Fri May 05, 2017 1:32 pm

[b]Island of Origin:[/b]

Name: Lier Kalas
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 5"
Island of Origin: Unknown
Appearance: Please ignore his clothes, He wears a simple outfit made of the tanned hides of animals from Moonguile Forest and is bare foot

Wings: Black feathery wings. They seem to constantly be losing feathers, but never go bare. The feathers that fall become soot when they hit the ground.
Weapon: A Katana. An ancient sword not used in this day and age
Bio: Lier was found at age 12 half dead on unsaddled Mindeer by locals from Sadal Suud. He was taken to Cebalrai and put under the care of the local doctor. Lier vowed to spend the rest of his life paying his debt to the doctor. When weird rumblings started in Moonguile Forest, right beside Cebalrai, Lier decided to investigate.
Other: Lier only uses his katana in dire situations, otherwise he uses his bare fists.
Lier is actually from Anuenue. His real name is Apus Ralbi, sole survivor of the Ralbi family after the Alfard attack on The Celestial Tree. His weapon represents his ancient blood. His wings represent his loss, both his family and memories. The soot that his feathers become represents the chaos in his soul from not performing his family's duty. His sense of smell and hearing are more sensitive than regular people due to the training that children of the Ralbi family went through, which involved surviving alone in the Holoholo Jungle alone for half a year annually until the age of 18. Lier just got back from this when Alfard attacked

Name: Patch (sometimes called Stitch)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 1"
Island of Origin: Diadem

Wings: Grey, feathery wings, akin to swan wings
Weapon: Harpoon
Bio: Patch is an orphan from the docks of Diadem. At first he cared for the other kids by stealing, but he eventually learned patch-work and stitching and used that to earn food, that is how he got his name. With tension rising between The Alfard Empire and Diadem, Patch wasn't at all surprised when soldiers forced people into their homes while they searched for something. Ironically, Patch stole the boat of a 'visitor' from Alfard to find help on Sadal Suud.
Other: Patch is a good kid, but he won't hesitate to steal if he needs something

Name: Torin Lupus
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Island of Origin: Alfard

Wings: N/A ((Secretly has deep blue butterfly wings))
Weapon: Dual Pistols
Bio: Torin was born in Azha, a small mining village on Alfard. When the workers stopped delivering iron to Mintaka, Emperor Geldoblame ordered his soldiers to 'motivate' the town - which translated to 'kill over half the villagers'. Torin's parents were killed in front of him, but Torin's torture wasn't over. After fending off soldiers, on his own, for a solid hour they finally decided to knock him out and take him before the Emperor. Torin was forced to train and become an Imperial Soldier of Mintaka. As Torin rose in rank he simply stopped caring. What point was there in fighting against fate?
Other: Torin is extremely polite, even to his most hated enemies. He is truly saddened by what he does and who he hurts, but he feels he can't fight his fate in the Alfard army

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